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            CN / EN
            Industry field

            Multiple Services, the two main businesses are running simultaneously, explore future growth.

            • Food Circulation

              With the meticulous and unyielding executive standard,we guarantee that there is no foreign body, each grain is selected carefully, to provide each product for the customer.

            • Data Center

              Build a future-oriented data center, provide professional server hosting, space renting and other services.

            • Freight Logistics

              Provide international freight forwarders, logistics agents, cargo agents, shipping booking, cargo and technology import and export business.

            Products and Services

            Products exported to Europe and the United States, Australia, Southeast Asia

            • Fresh Fruit

              We always pay attention to the source quality and ensure the fresh, green, natural and original source of the goods.


              Quality of origin, carefully selected, give you our best.


              Delicious, is a pleasant enjoyment.

              Dried Fruit

              Fresh fruit is dried in the sun, keeping the original flavor.


              We adhere to the principle of "customer first" to provide quality service to our customers.

            The development coursedevelopment historymore
            Know us

            Lontrue Co., Ltd. (stock code 300175), founded in March 2002,successfully listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on February 15, 2011 and became the first GEM listed company of agricultural industry in Shandong province. The company's business scope includes fresh fruit, nuts, fruit cultivation,storage, processing, sales, three key products are apples, raisins, pine nuts. Relying on the company over the years deep plowing agricultural products in the field of accumulated experience and resources, as well as a deep understanding of standardization and food safety, Lontrue Co.,Ltd established a strong sales network in the domestic market and has been in a leading market position. In the EU, North America, Australia and Southeast Asia and other major international mark...

            • Core value

              Customer First, Equitable & Sincerity, Openness?& Fairness

            • Mission and strategy

              Mission and Strategy To maximize customer demand and create unprecedented value and opportunities for customers

            • Future outlook

              Look to the future Based on customer demand, building a international competitiveness diversified modern enterprise.