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  • Corporate mission:

    Maximize customer needs, create unprecedented value and opportunity for customers.

  • Corporate vision:

    Customer-oriented, create a diversified modern enterprise with international competitiveness.

  • Pursue perfection:

    Don't miss any detail, keep improving is our undying pursuit, aim at absolute perfection.

  • Sense of responsibility:

    Dare to take responsibility, comes from society as well as serve the society.

  • Spirit of craftsman:

    Don't give up, pragmatic, tireless, just exquisite.

  • Integrity, openness, fairness and justice:

    Attaches great importance to the commitment, dare to transparent, honest and upright, self-disciplined, treat every customer equally.

  • Solidarity and collaboration, co-existing and co-winning:

    Foster collaboration among employees, establish a regular training system, mutual respect, to synchronously realize the value on the basis of sense of identity and trust. To be honest with customers, transposition thinking, Give highest priority to meet customer needs and achieve customer value, to establish the equivalent values of living together with the customer, mutual reciprocity and benefit, achievement of the client is the achievement of us.

  • Never compromise on quality:

    Executive standard of meticulosity, strict, never back down, zero foreign matter, each selected, produce well every product for our customers.

  • Standardization, specialization, informatization:

    Standardized quality standards, standardized processing and testing production line, Standardized planting management, Standardized service requirements. Continuous innovation, research and development new technology, the pursuit of high quality, occupy the leading position in the industry. Good at using modern enterprise management mode to improve efficiency, information synchronization, to build the most cost-effective products.

  • Customer first:

    Listen attentively to customer demands, always keep consistent with customers and strive to exceed customer expectations.