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            1、SHANDONG Factory: The main factory is located in the JIAODONG peninsula,High-Tech industrial park of LONGKOU city, SHANDONG province. near the LONGKOU port and Qingdao port, the geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient, about 50 km from PENGLAI airport, which is the headquarters of the company.

            There are 3 major factories in SHANDONG Factory

            The factory covers an area of over 600 acres

            More than 500 employees

            More than 65,000 tons of cryogenically cold chain storage

            The main factory in the High-Tech industrial park of Longkou has 10 independent production workshops to eliminate allergens and cross-contamination

            The main factory has a total of 13 production lines of all kinds of products

            Perfect professional international and domestic factory system certification

            The most stringent food safety control system includes a complete traceability system and an emergency recall system

            Independent QA team

            Professional laboratory equipped with perfect test equipment

            2、XINJIANG Factory: Located in the XINJIANG, TURPAN Raisins producing origin, with unique geographical advantages, complete supporting facilities, as the important part of farmers + base + standardization mode, to inland regions,European and American markets provide high quality raisin, walnut kernels and other high-quality XINJIANG special agricultural products provide the strong guarantee.

            More than 1,000 acres of hardened ground drying field

            More than 10,000 tons of cold chain storage facilities

            Perfect raw material processing equipment