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  • Since 2015

    The company continued to consolidate the leading position of food processingenterprises  and in the meanwhiledistributed stable income actively ,in line with future development expectedlarge data industry, in order to achieve the strategic transformation of themain business.

  • 2015. 12

    Taiyuan Delanda technology was completely controlled through the way of acquisition,built more than 1,400 cabinets in Taiyuan Unicom data center.

  • 2013.12

    PinetreeValley Co.,Ltd.subsidiary was established and increased pine nuts, pumpkinseeds and other new products to be in accordance with the company's horizontalexpansion of the development strategy,the sales has been  improved significantly.

  • 2011. 8

    Lontrue Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd subsidiary was established and entered thedomestic FMCG market officially.

  • 2011.4

    TurpanGolden Harvest Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.was established to furtherstrengthen the company's comprehensive strength  in origin of Turpan and ensure product quality and food safety from thesource.

  • 2011.2

    Lontrue Co., Ltd. successfully listed on the GEM and became the first GEM listedcompany in agricultural industry in Shandong Province.

  • 2009.5

    Yantai Guangyuan Fruit and Vegetable Co., Ltd. was renamed to Lontrue Co., Ltd.

  • 2007.9

    Yantai Guangyuan Fruit and Vegetable Co., Ltd. acquired Longkou Guangyuan Food Co.,Ltd. with Sino-foreign joint venture to acquire merger.

  • 2002.3

    Yantai Guangyuan Fruit & Vegetable Co., Ltd. was established.